Clean-room production

With state-of-the-art clean-room production according to ISO 8, highly-qualified personnel as well as consistently efficient working processes, we guarantee a continuous high level of product quality and service. We manufacture according to the GMP guideline and are certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 13485, thus guaranteeing confidence and safety.

Injection moulding of plastics

Thinking in “plastics”—working with “plastics”. Our competence, gained in over 50 years, allows us to create even better, even more innovative products. The results of this reflect our passion for the special materials. Improvement is thereby our constant target: because we not only want to offer our customers solutions which satisfy their needs, but also supply an additional value.

Mould management and mould shop

From us you will get everything from a single source. The combination of the specialist knowledge in our own mould shop as well as our design department makes this possible—and has been doing for over 50 years. Thus, the manufacture of injection moulds for special processes is a standard service from us. In addition, we provide the necessary technical documentation, as well as the CE labelling for the moulds used in medical technology, as a matter of course.


The regular qualification and validation of all our equipment, devices and manufacturing processes is a permanent feature of our process chain. Through the documentation of the results collected here, we provably guarantee the fulfilment of all previously specified requirements and functionalities in subsequent use.

Research & Development

Our proceedings and production sites are today already “State of the Art”. However, our Research & Development department even goes one step further. Progressive thinking and a cooperative approach lead us to fascinating product solutions and derived product specifications. The focus, thereby, is always on the user and the patient.