Medical knowledge

Through our basic medical knowledge, we speak the same language as our customers. After all, only mutual understanding and the dialogue between equals can provide the basis for a positive cooperation, creating values for both sides and useful products.

Project management

For us customers are not simply customers, but partners. We emphasise this through open and bidirectional communication as well as values like reliability, authenticity and strength of realisation.

Process competence “Made in Germany”

We now also take advantage of our many years of experience in the development and manufacture of a wide range of individual plastics components, complex modules and system products at our plant in Dillenburg for the manufacture of sophisticated medical products. Through the interplay between tradition and innovation, we thereby achieve sustainability and an outstanding product quality.

Digital document management

The integration of our validated digital document management within the entire process chain makes results immediately available at all times. As a result, safety is transparent at the touch of a button.